Heeding the cull


Keeping to my word, i decided i would visit the church on Sunday. I had deep thoughts of showing the medal to a deacon there, but decided against it the night before.

Awaking in the transit parking lot, where no cops or clowns would bother me, i migrated over to the recreation centre the morning of, to shower and get into my dress clothes, which I had dug up from my suitcase, laying dormant in the trunk of my car.

5:30 AM, the recreation centre is open and I am usually there at that time. Sleep is scarce in the car, as well as cold, so it comes as no surprise that the hot tub is calling my name around that time. Enjoying the swim, I shower and change into fresh clothes. As I am finishing my hygiene, brushing my teeth, a gentleman with a loud voice approaches, asking me if i’m homeless, i reply “No” and he declares that many of the men that arrive at this time are, in fact, homeless and are so because their wives divorced them after losing their jobs.. The man had that type of cleanliness you would expect out of a salesman. I told him, in order for him to hopefully leave me be, that I was going to church for the first time and he declared he was a church go-er as well, and was fascinated that I chose to go for the first time. He declared he was going at eleven this morning, but had to attend to his job as a grounds keeper, which seemed very strange, since he was so clean cut. Frankly, his story did not add up and kind of made me leery of him, and soon he got the picture and left me to continue brushing my teeth. He seemed nice enough, but i find there is always a reason why people are nice, at least until i got to the church.

Being greeted by some old guy that had a “Go fuck yourself” look on his face, a smile instantly exploded upon it, saying “Morning!” I retorted the same, continuing inside.

Surrounded by chatting people, it was clear right from the get go that there was going to be no dealings with friction between people here.. Everyone seemed to get along, as if it was their sole purpose to do so.. It was relieving to say the least. After reading the “No cologne or perfume” warning on the flyer that was passed to me, my social anxiety kicked in, as I had just sprayed myself with some cologne before coming in.

Sitting in the pew, the service began with a band singing, which was.. Relaxing? I was very anxious throughout the entire service, but I still tried to enjoy it as much as I could. Preaching, the pastor began his service, with breaks where the band would play another song.. Near the end, the pastor declared that we should all eat the bread and juice provided, calling it some sort of dinner, but also said that if we did not want to partake, we did not have to and I was humbled by that, as my anxiety was reaching a fever pitch at this point and i did not wish to stand in a circle of people, but just keep sitting, taking in the sights and sounds, so I did just that, without any problem from anybody, which was very refreshing.

Ending the service, i spoke briefly to a few people, who were all very nice, very awesome! Deciding it was time to relieve myself of this anxiety, I took my leave quite early after the service, leaving most of the new faces to wonder who the new guy was.

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.. The company was awesome. I think I will continue to go, unfortunately however, I must work this coming weekend, or else I would attend again.


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