Returning to church.

Returning to the church, I was happy to donate more of my time. Being in a positive environment, I was able to converse more with the staff and chat a little bit about their duties at the church. Meeting one of the pastors was also a pleasure and he was a very nice gentleman, although our introduction was brief.

Helping the people there felt good. We shared conversations for about 45 minutes before we started working, which was very important for keeping my spirits up. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the service this weekend, as i will be working.

Overall, it was a very positive experience and for my time, I was rewarded.. It seems my time will be a trade of services for the church, rather than straight volunteering and I am OK with this. I do want to continue attending services, and I suppose I will!

As a side note, I have also begun reading the bible bits by bits, exploring what it has to offer. It seems to be worth the read so far, however I have only made it about 50 pages into Genesis.

I will be returning with my next religion blog next week sometime, unless something happens in the mean time and will focus more on the creative aspects of my life for a bit.


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