Homelessness Explored- 2


Being in this predicament so far has been an interesting experience. As i said, by choice, the place i am choosing to sleep is the transit station, near my local recreation centre. The area itself is monitored by video surveillance, so i am feeling quite safe so far, at least until the authorities come by and tell me to leave, which, after a month on and off, has not been an issue. I believe i’ve stayed.. 28 days, so far, including all the days i stayed in November and October.

As i mentioned in the first blog, keeping the spirits up is very hard.. Between just taking care of my basic needs, there are days that i simply go without them and those days are damaging to my spirit or my morale. In addition, hygiene and keeping it up has been tasking. I visit my local recreation centre, which is luckily right beside the transit parking. I will drive over, which is about a minute drive, from the transit parking, to the recreation centre, which i usually go very early, around 5:30 AM, right when it opens. I will go for a swim, 1-2 hours long, get my physical energy expended as much as possible. Once i finish this, i am showering, using what shampoo i can, body wash and the soap provided by the local recreation centre.

Once finished, around 8:30-9 AM, i begin to write until 10 AM, when the library opens up, which is obviously where i am writing this. Keeping up with hygiene becomes tasking on my morale, strangely and i find it very easy to just let myself go.. But i can’t.

Thinking on my experiences so far, you may wonder what i spend my time doing? Most of it goes to writing, but i also have spent a ton of the time in the community just walking around, chatting with people, trying to find work and just biding my time i suppose. I figured spending so much time in the community would of netted me a fight or a spit or a spat or some kind of scrap with somebody young or old, but.. No. I have been respectful throughout my experiences and have not had a single problem and i think this speaks a lot to everyone.. How you act is very important and if you are looking for trouble, you are going to find it. Period.. And if you are looking for friends, you are going to find those as well!! I firmly believe this, after my experience so far in the past month, although i did not before!

Working is really the only thing keeping me going right now, other than writing. Writing is the most important thing for keeping my morale up and keeping my initiative up to just keep working and grinding through it.

This fight, that i have found in myself, i did not, admittedly, have it before i became homeless. I was just kind of gliding through life, not struggling, enjoying the easy path.. But i think that this harder path is going to be much better for me.. Makes me realise more things than i can even articulate right now and so, i will continue to track what i can.



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