So, many of you may be wondering how I would end up in such a situation in the first place.

I am not going to publish my official title, but my role is helping people who have mental disabilities, adjust into the community and help them with their home life. Typically, how I earn my living, is through actually living with these people, in their homes and helping them adjust. Obviously, doing this, i cannot have a criminal record and do not.

When i live with these people, in their homes, typically how this works, is rather than paying rent, they actually pay me to stay there and provide my services to them and so, when I find myself in a position, where I no longer have an opportunity to do, because the individual I previously worked for, is not receiving the same government funding and thus, cannot sustain my services in that capacity and since I am not working with any other individuals in this capacity at the moment, I am left paying my own rent, which I was not ready to do at this time, thus leaving me homeless.

I am still working, but not in the capacity that I once was and also not currently in anybody’s home.

I just wanted to clear this up, for those following the story or will be following the story in the future.


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