Being emotionally sustained by the community is humbling, through the 2 churches I have visited so far, I have been blown away by the communities.. I expected to be alienated by the community there, but the exact opposite was found to be true.

Much of my volunteering has been spent offering meals to homeless people through an agency I used to work with. To me, it was not that big of a deal, other than to see the beaming smiles the homeless people had. Now i find myself on the other side of the equation, being homeless, eating these meals that volunteers are serving me. Even through the community meals I have taken part of now, twice, on the receiving end of the meal, I am much more humbled than I thought I would be.. It is a difficult thing to describe, being the person serving the meals and receiving said meals… The difference is… Not what I thought it would be, I expected the feeling to be.. Less, severe than I have found it to be.. I found myself impacted, impressed and.. Almost spiritually refreshed.

As I said, homelessness is a strangely spiritual experience. I am an inherently spiritual person, although not religious and I am moved by the spirituality I am experiencing.. But not just good, also bad. There are days, as I said, when I have not eaten or talked to anyone and those days are hard, but they make the good days easier to appreciate, or even the so-so days, the bad days strangely balance it all out. Balance, I take a lot about balance in chapter 3 of my poetry, Spirit Walker, and I believe balance brings about more happiness  than anything else. Good, bad and the balance between them. Ying and yang. What lies between. The divide. Always fleeting, like the seconds when dusk and dawn are in transition.

Positivity, positivity, positivity, no… Negativity belongs here as well, it brings balance with it and we must learn to appreciate both sides of the scale, this is a lesson I have learned through being homeless. Very spiritual.


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