Who is privilege for?


In my next chapter of Anxiety in Action, I explore emotions in action and a big root of emotions are simply the comparison of ourselves, to others. Mimicry.

Back in the days of cavemen, when we, as a race, did not have the privilege of being on the top of the food chain, we also did not have the privilege of having the time to sit in a classroom to learn and we predominately learned through copying each other. Those, who could not copy, just simply died and so, copying, mimicry, became an essential tool in the arsenal of the human being, much like education is today.

Even though we now preside on the top of the food chain, the behaviour of mimicry is still alive and well. Mimicry is actually still a very viable way to learn things, although being in a classroom is more effective. When working in a trade, you often have class room time to learn your trade, but also hands on time, where you get to see this information in action.

Society puts privileged people on a pedestal and as a result, we want to be like them, or rather, we want to have the shit that they have and so, we think that by mimicking what they do, now, that will get us there, but we also forget what that person had to do, maybe 10-20 years ago, to put themselves into that position to be privileged. Thus, the idea of mimicry often becomes an illusion, one that caters to the idea of branding. Branding plays off of our instincts of survival, mimicry, as if to say that if we have the shit that they have, we will perform as the pro’s perform, which is obviously bullshit.. Unfortunately, this is not so obvious to some.

When the realisation sinks in that this idea is bullshit and to get into a position of privilege often requires hard work, people want to give up.. Especially people who are born into privilege.

We always associate privilege with the people who have it, but truly, privilege is about the people that do not and as the bullshit facade begins to wear off that everybody is going to be privileged at some point, emotions begin to set in for everybody involved, except the people with the privilege, but even those people, most of them anyways, have somebody else to look at, somebody above them in privilege and say ‘I wanna aspire to that’ and even they begin to forget the privilege they already have, in context to the people that do not have any.

What were left with, is a problem. Out of sight, out of mind. Emotional people not being heard, until they become very emotional and sometimes not even at all. Forgetting that people are the most valuable resources we have is easy, but we find that our emotions are beginning to be almost a survival instinct for us in this age.. People have been told to silence their emotions all their life, yet when we get emotional, light is often shed upon whatever problem it is.

The time, when people begin to get very emotional about privilege, is upon us and no matter what side of the fence you are on, we are all going to feel it. Privilege requires responsibility, not this sense of “Fuck everybody around me, just because I can think that way..” Dealing with privilege that way, is a privilege and that time is coming to an end. We have some very emotionally repressed people in our society and the powder keg of emotions within, is ticking.

Privilege without responsibility is pure masturbation.. Privilege needs to be in favour of all of society, not the individual and if it is not, everybody is going to lose, not just the emotional people, but everybody.

We also have things like biological privilege, but this is a topic I will explore further, in the chapter to come. I’d love to go on, but my time is running out here, gotta cut it short!


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