Religious Exploration/Volunteering-2/2


Yesterday, I volunteered my time again at the food bank. The line up was massive and I was being trained on intake at the door, having people stare at me who normally go in and out of this place without wait, now focusing their combined ire upon me anxiously. The energy in the room felt like it was at the breaking point and I honestly felt like somebody was gonna punch me out, big frowns standing in line, people cursing at me, but once they had their food, they all left smiling, telling me to have a good day.. It was so strange, like being in a room full of bi-polar people, ready to have an episode at any moment.

Maybe I was being judgmental or unapologetic? Uncaring to their situations? I do not think so, but either way, the smiles of each and every one of their faces was gratifying, especially the woman’s face who told me I was a “Fucking faggot white piece of shit” although, her mainly toothless grin as she exited failed to apologize, I guess she did not need to, I hold no grudge, I am a patient man.


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