Firstly, how fucking brazen of a parent must you be to blame your own children for your lack of parenting knowledge? Spoiled? Spoiled is an excuse, not a state of being and as the person responsible for your children’s well being, you feel comfortable blaming them for your bad choices? Your children rely on you to make the best choices for them… Society, is relying on you to make the best choices for them and the culmination of this effort is a shrug of the shoulders and “They’re spoiled!”

Secondly, weak parenting creates a situation where an even stronger parent is needed, not just to combat your child’s now bad choices, but also your own! Now your children are whining and crying because they want chips for a snack, instead of a banana and you are giving in, because you do not wanna hear their whining? We, society, do not wanna hear your whining!

Thirdly, what kind of weak ass system even allows a parent like this to exist? Like fuck, we can only blame the parent for so much before we say, why is this information not more readily available? We are tasking parents with trying to raise children who make half decent choices and stay out of jail, but the parent cannot even navigate the simplistic task of food choices, then, as a result, it is this huge mystery why we have all these people making terrible choices, acting like fuckheads and in general being disrespectful..

To fix something, we cannot start from the top down, we gotta do it from the ground up and this begins with educating parents who make terrible fucking choices, then blame their kids when they follow suit, like whatever happened to leading by example?

Yes, i realize the cause is the parent’s parents not knowing fuck all either, but we are in a completely different time now.. Educate yourself! I am saddened by the continued failure of this system that so many people praise… If you only knew.

This type of education is why I began writing my series on anxiety, because my folks did not have the resources to educate themselves.. I aim to correct this, by bringing the knowledge of proper parenting and examples of bad parenting to every house hold I can. I am not even fucking post-secondary educated and I know this shit well enough to write a book on it, so what the fuck is your excuse? Get with it!!!


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