FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real


Anxiety is rooted in fear and is it not humiliating when, at times, we are forced to admit fear? Anxiety is the perversion of our senses of fear, making our basic instinct of fight or flight active, when it really should not be, like a printer, printing blank pages and malfunctioning.

Fear is a basic instinct of survival.. Today, it is called being ‘Sketchy’. Being sketchy is the main reason I do not have a criminal record and many others I know, are in jail. Fearful of the police, I would always withdraw early and them, late or not at all. Anxiety is funny that way, in that when you are forced to manage it, through that management, you sometimes realise there is a legitimate reason for having it and thus, you can react.. But for those that do not, there is no reason to react, no fear, like sitting ducks, as the hunters approach, slow, from their blinds, ready to send the dogs to collect their prizes.

Illegitimate anxiety also occurs and is frustrating.. One time, I was watching a talk show and the guest was this lady that had a legitimate, deathly fear of tin foil.. Totally irrational, as she was screaming, running in panic as they brought a sheet of it onstage.. This is an extreme example, obviously.


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