Hunger, salivating.. Window shopper, they call me, without anything of my own, except eyes, that scan everything you have, looking for something to call mine. Hands empty, i’ll take anything, but hands full, i’ll take everything.

You think the common thief perpetrates out of hunger, need, but this is a mistake. Commonly, the thief engages to enjoy a lifestyle not possible otherwise, one that has all the needs met, even without it, but the wants.. The greed.. “Just a taste”, the thief says, until caught with a gluttonous mouthful and when asked “Where’s the cake!”, the thief burps, saying “I ate it!” and yet, the questions continue, the inquisitor, refusing the truth out of disbelief, refusing to believe it because the inquisitor can still see that same hunger, lingering in the thief’s eye, darting, twitching, looking for the next meal.