Music has become an interesting phenomenon. Some of the first concerts were held in cathedrals, bringing masses of people to said cathedrals, but not for the sake of music.. Peddlers, selling goods, used these cathedral gatherings to sell shit, of which, they paid a portion to the church. In essence, the music was used to create an atmosphere of positivity that made selling easier, essentially becoming instrumental middle men between peddlers and their customers, which the church also benefiting from being the venue. This was how casual business was conducted, until the widespread idea came along to increase profit, by cutting out the middle men and the venue, through target marketing.

The idea was to engage the target audience, show off the product and essentially turn the target’s sense of social inclusion, memory and emotion against them. Obviously, this idea was widely successful and is alive and thriving today, more than ever.

This leaves music in a strange place. Rather than being a vessel to conduct business with, music became a product itself, being marketed to a target audience. The product has obviously had massive success, seeing the rise of many great artists. Now, the internet, has become the vessel that music once was, the middle man, as well as the venue that the church once was. People often do not realise the cyclical nature of business, they just see it for what it is and the only difference today, is the cold, calculated ruthlessness, in which it is conducted. Money, rules this world with an iron fucking fist and the method of channelling that power, business, is one of the most powerful things in our current society..

However, now we have individuals that break the cycle of business and amass personal wealth through charities. Charities have the illusion that they are giving the money away, acting as middle men, when in reality, they are taking a large portion, if not all, the money for themselves, circumventing this idea of business. Clinton Global Initiative has taken this idea even farther, stealing over $10 billion dollars from people who thought they were giving to charity..

This idea, of charity circumventing conducting business, is very toxic and undermines the entire structure of our society. Every company that is abusing a charity needs to be jailed, because it is creating instances in our society where power is being amassed, without using the proper system to attain it, rather using a lie, to amass it. This is going to fuck up our entire power base and the worst part is, that when the money is amassed, once they have it, they can simply just use that money to pay off their pursuers, using that stolen power to do so, instead of having it seized from them. All of these companies engaged in this practice need to be jailed, they are fucking up our society in untold ways that are going to warp and bend the way we engage in regular business, until business is no longer business, but rather just a fucking all out free for all of who can steal what and get away with it. It needs to end.


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