How fondly, I remember the playground at McDonalds, and how alien, the idea was, back then, that they could practically load their food with pollutants, designed for mass production and to keep us coming back. How naive, were our parents, to believe that the food was ‘unhealthy’, it was practically fucking poison! If they had known the truth, if the information had been made available, how we would of avoided it.. It makes me wonder, what other corporations are letting us consume, because we ask no questions.. Like, I do not even think I want to know and yet, I know I should know.. What are we letting these corporations do to us? Does anyone care, or am I overthinking this and why is overthinking a bad thing?

I believe these questions are in the way of profit and rather than fixing the issues, it is just easier to pay off or even remove the people asking the questions, setting an example for others in the process. Disciplined by society, for not being ignorant.. We are regressing, to amass something of our own creation, meaningless to the nature we belong to.. This is the ultimate sin and all of our race is going to pay dearly for it, as they have countless times before our current time.