Multiculturalism and Canada


Canada is a nation of multiculturalism, meaning it is home to many cultures! People of these cultures, do not have to assimilate to our culture, but rather keep their own and as a result, our culture, the Canadian born, is essentially everyone else and since we do not practice the culture of everyone else, the Canadian born is left to grab at cultural straws, grabbing fleeting things like hockey and maple syrup..

This is a major problem, because when we lack an identifiable way to behave, outside of our culture, we are forced to adapt to the cultures around us. In essence, the Canadian culture, or what is left of it, is under a constant social attack and furthermore, protecting this decimated Canadian cultural identity, is looked at as insecurity, culturally insensitive and even racist. How the fuck, is defending my culture, being culturally insensitive, when foreigners here, who do the same, have every right to do so?

What kind of fucking backwards ass logic is this? Furthermore, we praise Pierre Trudeau, the guy who instituted this, to the point that we elect his son, Justin, into office, on the sole merit that.. He is Pierre’s son? What the fuck? AND THEN… People are surprised, when Justin makes decisions outside the interests of our people? WHAT THE FUCK?

…Canadian cultural values, our ACTUAL values, before they were raped by multiculturalism, have been decimated past the point of return and here goes Justin, decimating them ever further, just because his dad did the same? If you are a foreign person in Canada, reading this, understand that I appreciate your presence and love the fact that you can freely practice your culture, but also understand that I do not have a culture to practice, mine has been decimated and what kind of identity am I left with, other than yours? Be glad, very glad, that you have the ability to practice your culture in a place, where I, a born Canadian, do not and am completely devoid of one and am socially persecuted for bringing this fact up…

The government even outright tried to kill Native culture, to the point where Native culture, being practiced, seems like more of a fucking protest, than it does an actual fucking practiced culture.. It seems our government is hell-bent on destroying born Canadian culture and I cannot fucking stand that other born Canadians are just totally fine with this, desensitized to it, because it has been happening all of our lives.. Well, I am standing up and I am saying fuck multiculturalism, not the people who practice their cultures here, but the practice of multiculturalism itself, fuck it and anybody with the last name Trudeau who perpetuates it. I want the freedom of my own culture, even though I have NEVER had one, beyond hockey and fucking syrup. Where the fuck are my reparations, you fucks!!!


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