There is Nothing left in my brain to write about, but turning Nothing into something, I guess that is the trick. When there is Nothing, it is because we are engaged, fully, in the process and being given the gift of Nothing, we lack the comprehension to do anything with it, labelling it a block or a wall. Well fuck your wall, it is not tall enough to house me and your block, not solid enough to stop me. My mind is like a GPS.. re-calculating.. I’ll find a new way, a better way, I always do and i’ll leave you and even myself in the dust, if I have to, becoming something more entirely. No, you let yourself be blocked, you wall yourself in, because you do not want it bad enough. Me? I want it, more than anything else, I want it.. I have beat addiction, I have conquered my own insecurities, although the war is never ending, I have won the battles I needed to and even lost some of those I needed to win, along the way. Some devastating losses that costed me trust, friendship, respect and money… Money, I am losing that battle right now.

Yes, you all fear Nothing, because you lack balance, you let the bad things rattle you, but I have patience; I let the bad things empower me, so I enjoy the good things that come my way even more. I let the bad things empower my resolve and I understand that really, only the good things can weaken me  and so my lack of money, being homeless, couch surfing, this is all a blessing, empowering my writing and through that empowerment, I have found my best friend, my salvation.. Nothing; the block, the wall and I know this is the culmination of my genius. I have hit the pinnacle, I can feel myself descending now and it is intoxicating.


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