Pursuing Distraction


Being somebody who has always been geared towards instant gratification, rather than delayed gratification, most of my life and the people I have been surrounded by, have always been geared towards being instantly gratified.. This was not always the case, however, my descent into the world of drug use was predominately fueled by my tendencies to seek out being instantly gratified.

Things like quick snacks, fast food, attention deficit, video games, social pressures and anxiety gave base to this tendency of being instantly gratified and once the drugs were introduced into the equation, they simply became another addition to the already thriving past time, giving life to it’s roots as they penetrated even deeper.

Pursing Distraction, for me, became the main goal of my life as a result of seeking instant gratification. Delayed gratification became something I put on a pedestal; a simple aspiration, rather than an actual thing I pursued.

However, the funniest thing of the entire idea of pursing distraction was that I was not alone in my pursuit, albeit, far from alone. Whether it was playing video games, eating or buying snacks, doing drugs, not studying or anything in between these points of contention, I would rarely be doing them alone. Misery fucking loves company.

The point, is that living this way, is easy and anytime you find something easy, your bound to find a number of human beings doing it, because we are hard wired to find the easiest route, take it and continue forward.. However, sometimes the idea of continuing forward, gets lost in translation and we just end up continually taking the easy route, thinking we are getting somewhere, but finding a total lack of progress. Often, we want to blame this total lack of progress on anyone but ourselves and without that responsibility, how can we overcome this issue?

Being responsible is not something that is easy to do, when you consider the alternatives to making responsible choices and when you have somebody who is not in the habit of making these harder choices, how can we ever expect them to change, without the responsibility attached to making these choices?

The point, is that, by deferring the consequences of instant gratification by doing things like giving people who are instantly gratified money, our time and/or any help at all, how are they supposed to learn for themselves? Often, when helping somebody, we need to bring up the fact of whether they are actively helping themselves or not and if not, why? This fact, becomes so lost in translation when ‘helping’ anybody, even ourselves.


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