Social Media


Social media has expanded the reaches of our social construct more than we can even begin to comprehend. First off, there is little to no construct of ‘being addicted’ to social media, as there is the aspect of conducting business in context to its use, so there are much looser social limits attached to it, because people are using it to make money. It is funny how we look at ‘things that make us money vs. do not make money’ and how we quantify how much time we should be spending on those things.. Our range of it’s social limit becomes so grey, once business is involved.

Secondly, we are using it to connect to each other in a way that is just so outside of our nature. Imagine trying to explain the interactions that happen to people over facebook, twitter and even wordpress, to somebody who has never saw the internet before, ever. You would be telling stories about how you could immediately talk to somebody literally living across the world, and their fucking cave man brain would be like “No way.. That is not even possible? Like how?” We are so blessed to have this technology, but at the same time, look how we use it.. To update eachother on our social status’s.. Like, this is the crowning gem achievement of our generations existence, the internet, this thing we can all interact with across the planet, almost like a hive mind, instantaneously speaking with anybody who can access it and yet.. Its use is almost so asinine in a way.

Lastly, where do we get off, feeling entitled to social media and the internet to begin with? This sense of entitlement is engrained into every human being on the planet, yet, again, if you were describing the internet to somebody who never had it, they would not take something like that for granted, the way we do.

Where is this thing taking us next? It is evolving as such a frenetic pace now and will become exponentially more frenetic over the more time that is lapsed.


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