I used to sell vacuums for a living. Selling vacuums was never an easy process, but there was one sale in particular that was easier than all the others.

In the Library, one time, I was using the bathroom. Like most bathrooms, this one had one giant stall, as well as several smaller stalls. One day, I am using the biggest stall, taking a shit, while all the others are empty. This gentleman walks in, bangs on the door, claiming that he needs this particular stall, which I am using and that all the other stalls will not work for him.

Upon exiting the big stall, he took one look at me, beginning to berate me from his walker, saying I had no business using this bigger stall. Back and fourth, I kept this conversation going with this gentleman, not because he had angered me, but because of the fact that I was in total disbelief, that he was in disbelief, that there were people in this world that did not exercise courtesy. During our exchange, he even asked me if the other stalls were in use, when I had came in, hoping they were I imagine.. I told him they were not, which enraged him further.

Once exiting the large stall, I told him about what I did for a living, after he accused me of being a piece of shit and I told him, “Well, I sell vacuums.”

Of course, he had a field day with this fact “Oh, I should’ve known!” he declares. Taking on a now joking tone, that actually warranted a giggle out of the man, I began to do my vacuum pitch for him, right in the bathroom, with no vacuum to display or anything, describing the 16 different attachments the vacuum had from steam cleaning to dusting drapes, to deep cleaning and everything in between. He loved it.. Of course, he did not love the pitch, he loved the fact that I was doing it for him, in a bathroom of all places. Then I took on a serious tone and he fell back into disbelief that I was actually trying to sell him a vacuum. “Well, I do need a vacuum,” he conceded after about 2 minutes, inquiring “How much is it, $150?”

I looked him blank in the eye and stated “Normally its 3500, but i’ll cut you a deal and make it 3 grand even.” The man blew up laughing. The following week, I went to his house, after he set an appointment with me to see a product demo and with my boss watching over my shoulder, I did the absolute WORST demo ever. My boss was trying to get me to pack it up half way through, saying it was a waste of time. I did not concede and his reaction, when the guy decided to buy the vacuum, was priceless. My boss was blown away.. I was in an even deeper disbelief than him, but the gentleman said he wanted the vacuum.

The point of this life story, is that we live in a world that is not predetermined, as much as some people will tell you it is. People will tell you that, without the process, we are nothing and that is absolutely true, but there is also a time and place to ditch the process. In 2016, process is largely a formality and is often in the way, but we fear straying outside of it and so we decide to stay in it instead, until the process breaks down and once broken, the reaction to the lack of process is priceless.. Often, there is a reaction to how actually mindless the process actually is, but how comfortable we are to simply sit back into it again, solely focusing on the results, excluding everything else. People forget, there is more to the process than just results, but our little peanut brains want to exclude all of it, in favor of having an idea our mind can more easily manage.

I am the process breaker, even if that means I have to fall into process, to break the process of breaking process. Why do I break process? Because simply, you do not. You are not willing to go there. You are comfortable. Being comfortable is a sin, when it comes to art. You are no artist, you are just following a process that has worked, completely devoid of risk… Something more orientated towards business, than art and then you turn around and call yourself an artist, embracing only the process that got you here.

Business and art have no place together and the fact that we think we can co-mingle with the two and produce something that is original and creative is just beyond silly.

Break your process. Embrace the failure that comes with it, so that you may be ALIVE when the positive result finally comes.




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