Abuse-1 Age Appriopriate


I briefly covered this topic in chapter 1 of ‘Anxiety in Action’, but let us take a closer look at the issue.

Currently, there is no law or clause that defines displaying age appropriate behaviour as abuse and I believe this is a mistake.

Treating a child ‘their age’ is a thing of context. How do we define how a child, of a certain age, should act? Some children are going to develop in a more mature way and faster, than others, so how do we account for this? Well, currently, we really do not.. Treating each child their own way, seems to be too much work for the average provider and so, there comes this idea that we should be treating an individual ‘their age’ instead of where they are actually at developmentally. Yes, that is correct, we actually DO NOT have any sort of system for parents to enable them to make concise and educated decisions about a way a child should be treated.. Instead, we wait for these parents to make their mistakes with the children, then, we ship said children off to a psychologist, once the problems begin manifesting. What a shitty system… Like, do I need to even go on here? We are completely failing our children in this department and there needs to be some sort of guideline or class or any type of effort at all, on behalf of the system, to correct this issue. Yes, it is a vast, all encompassing issue, which is why the last fucking thing we should be doing is IGNORING IT.. Like, what sense does that even make? It infuriates me that we are stuck on topics outside of this, tap dancing around this issue, because it is such a big one to tackle.


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