Abuse 1- Topic


Detailed in the first chapter of ‘Anxiety in Action’ I have experienced abuses myself and have been a witness to others. Abuse is one of those words that can be crippling at times and knowing that crippling feeling first hand, I have been accused of abuse by somebody, while congratulated for the exact same action by another.. Curiously, the word finds itself rooted in context and perspective. Some say it finds definition in black and white, the do or do not and to those people who define abuse that way, I would suggest looking at abuses that are currently not under scrutiny, not yet illegal, but still carry detriments all the same. Having trouble thinking of some? Unfortunately, I do not. Abuses are on my mind all the time, illegal or not and in these further topics labeled ‘Abuse’ I am going to explore these ideas.

Some of these topics, may, according to your context and perspective, may stretch into semantics, but again, that conversation will differ from person to person, which is why, at times, finding a basis to make these abuses illegal or even socially unacceptable can be difficult and at times, even having a simple conversation about said abuses even being appropriate, never mind illegal, can be a difficult conversation to have.


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