Abuse 2- Emotional


Emotional abuse is an area, that I am unfortunately an expert in, seeing those abuses occur first hand, then watching how those abuses shaped my brother’s psyche into the disaster that it has become today, some 20 years later.

Emotional abuse, is something that is largely unapproachable from a legal stand point, because there is no bruise left, like there is from physical abuse. Often, the perpetrator is left with no consequences to their actions, which is a very strange thing for a human being, since almost all of our actions warrant consequence in some form or another. Consider dumping radioactive materials into a lake.. The perpetrator will see no immediate consequence, until the fish start dying and by then, the damage is done. This is what emotional abuse is like.

Tough, the issue is hard to tackle, but luckily, easy to identify. Well-known, the first consequence of the abuse is the victim constantly making unwarranted apologies for their actions. This, as I have observed is not a sign, but rather a step, and is indicative of a beginning or a very light and consistent abuse.

Hand in hand with apologies, comes the stage after the apologies, which can be easily overlooked, which is simply an absence of emotion.

In terms of body language, which is applicable in this context, this is called ‘masking’ and it is when there is a complete absence of body language and in a very unnatural way. A great example of masking are people who have spent a significant amount of time in jail, they do not shake when put under stress, they mask the shaking, as to not look weak, which is also a fantastic example of emotional abuse! Yes, some people’s children are literally more emotionally abused than people in prison and continue to suffer daily, until..

The blow up.. The bottle blowing its top.. The cup overfilling. We’ve all experienced how anger management can bring this about, but what happens when you are angry all the time? Rather than letting somebody know, “That bothers me” you just take it and take it, until you blow..

Which eventually leads to backlash, when the individual just literally blows up for seemingly no reason. At this point, we have a further step called ‘escalations’ but it is simply just this step, backlash, building on top of itself, until some crazy shit happens.

We could delve into a whole trough of bullshit from here, like tension reduction, etc.. But that is outside the scope. Inside our scope, we find one thing: Prevention, which is basically impossible, so we move onto education and identification. Your welcome.


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