Abuse 4- Perspective


Agendas. We all have one, mainly associated with good financial condition or maintaining one through a social image. Sometimes, we ourselves, maybe as an employee or otherwise, become an instrument to help push these agendas for others or to benefit our own. Often, however, the agendas of others come into conflict with the agendas we support or even our own. Often, quite easily, these agendas can stretch into personal territory, since our personal lives are fueled by the financial condition we maintain.

Often, in order to push certain agendas, we need to limit or even silence the perspective of others and often, we need to do this, because otherwise, those silenced perspectives would hinder our own agendas or ones we support. Personal gain, becomes a destructive force and claims many victims in the process and these victims perspectives are often silenced. This damage, from personal gain, as well as the silencing of the perspective of the victims is a form of abuse.. A great example is the LGBT communities plight and their perspective being trampled on. I could think of 20 other examples, but we are all well aware of them, i believe.


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