Spirit Walk- 1


Back at a familiar place, the ravine is a place I visited 3 different times on spirit walks in chapter 3 of ‘Poetry for a Sightless Mind’- Spirit Walker’

Today. this place is not very active; the sun is shining, but shadows still lurk in the brush. Walking, I find a fresh trail, off the main trail, that I have not explored before. Recently made, I decide to stray off the trail. Beneath the first big tree I come across, I find a massive hole, stretching probably 4 feet to the roots of the tree. I taste decay, when I stare at it.. The tree looks dead, or just clinging to life. A brick lies at the bottom of the hole and the trail seems to lead past the hole, up to an apartment, maybe 60 yards up.. Ill intent. To my right, webs shine in the brush and clearly an undisturbed area. Further up, a Toshiba tv lies discarded, with no screen at all. Beside it, berries still grow, which is most unusual, considering the Alberta frost was just here two days ago and as a result, everything else looks dead and so the branches with the fresh berries are very strange.

Through the brush, to my left, many discarded insulin syringes and a sweater lay on the ground. Beside it, a wood stick fort.. Great lengths were went to construct it, clearly. The brush behind it is very thick, impassible and might as well be a wall. I am drawn here and I do not want to leave.. Something is drawing me here and I am sure if I go further into the deep brush, I am going to find the body of some overdose. I’ll come back another day, as a squirrel has been squeaking for a minute straight, signaling the time to leave.

Passing by the TV, I get the image of somebody using it’s screen to shave and a 28 ML bottle of Mr. Shaver lies discarded in its husk, as the squirrels continue to chirp away.

Returning to the trail, I continue.. Past the first bridge, the litter from the homeless people is making me sick to my stomach, it is bad.. I’m ending it here, as I will not find anything but more garbage.



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