Religious Exploration-6


Thursday night, I went to a group meeting with several other young people similar to my age. Most of them have been going to church for the majority of their lives, so it was an interesting experience to sit down with 7 or 8 of them and speak with them about their life experiences and just in general, have some fun and socialise with people my own age, something I rarely do.

The time spent there was very insightful. Lots of the talk we shared, did not even revolve around religion, which was refreshing for me, but some of it did revolve around church and that was OK as well.

The main question we discussed revolved around our choices being pre-destined to gods will, or if each of us had free will and it was surprising to see the different answers each of them had.. I always thought religion was about believing things in a certain way and context, but it became evident quickly that the passages in the bible are fairly open to interpretation, based on the thoughts of each individual reading it and that was pretty eye opening for me.. When the discussion started, I figured everyone would of shared the same perspective, but that thought was far from the truth and I am relieved that is the case.


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