Self Publishing- 1


So far, the biggest issue I have had has been

A)  Planning to secure an ISBN, beyond the point of time when I cannot obtain free ones

B) Successfully performing editorial type duties on my own shit.

Performing spell check on my shit is easy enough, however lacking an actual education in writing beyond high school, using proper grammar and sentence/paragraph structure have been an issue for me and although having editors offer their services to me, for free even, I find myself caring less and less about having one. This is probably a very bad thing, however, overall, I find myself caring less, even about the bad stuff.. Maybe this is why a writer should have business handled by a third party?

So yeah, fuck having an editor.. Fuck the craft.. Fuck the traditional way.. I’m forsaking all of it, against the ill advisement of basically, well, everyone? Although, currently, I believe one of my published works is currently on the shelf with uncapitalized I’s.. See, look at this shit, I even know some of it is lacking, you’d think i’d be on top of making sure it was all good to go, but here I am fucking blogging about it, instead, rofl..

As for ISBN’s, well.. I may end up having to pay for mine, individually. Publishing chapters, this will become an expensive endeavour over time, but maybe I will still be saving myself money in the long run by doing so, instead of traditionally going with a publisher or even worse, the trials of actually obtaining one. So far, every chapter has been assigned its own ISBN and each would cost under $10, right now anyways, to obtain a copy for each chapter.

Overall, I really did think this would be a harrowing process, however, I do find myself also a bit.. Underwhelmed? I find myself with more freedom ‘from the system’ if you will, than I even know what to do with.. Lacking discipline as a writer, is not a good thing. This is what I am learning.. Being able to just self-publish whenever is a really great thing, but being enamoured by the process is something I saw happening and I am surprised I am not more.. Involved.. I almost feel spoiled.. To know that all these great writers that came before us had to battle tooth and claw to publish a book and now, being able to just author a book or even a chapter and publish it, right from home, without spending a cent or any real amount of my time.. I think the brilliance of this process is largely lost upon me, because I am unaware, largely, of the process of authorship that was before. I think, if i was more aware of the process of being an author before the time of internet, I would appreciate this opportunity more.. And its not that I do not appreciate it, its that I can only appreciate it my way, by doing shit, my way.


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