Addiction in Action


I’ve been an addict for a very large part of my life. Let me begin, by saying that this idea of drugs fueling addiction is kind of.. Bullshit.  Drugs and addiction, do not actually have that much in common, outside of the fact that instant-gratification has roots in both. Between addiction and drugs, we find this idea and before even talking about addiction or drugs, we must first talk about the issues, that give those issues life.

Instant gratification, in our society, 50 years ago, was not very prevalent, in comparison to today. Being instantly gratified, was something that did happen, but not very often. Society, was still geared towards the idea of doing things yourself, rather than convenience. Time, was something you wanted to spending doing things to save money, rather than today, where we spend money, to save time. People, of older generations, have saw this concept develop, but do not.. Fully.. Understand it. They say they do understand, but actually grasping that concept can be hard for them. Why? Because the state, socially, that we are born into, is hard to reprogram. Ever heard, that learning a language is easier, when you are younger? It is true, but also a testament to the fact that, in general, learning shit, positive or negative, is just easier, when we are younger. The social state we are born into, is a very easy thing to grasp, but hard to shake. As time progressed to a time closer to 2016, instant-gratification began to take root. Fast food, a fantastic example. Cooking means grocery shopping; going there and back, cooking, doing dishes, using what food expires the fastest first, packaging and using left overs.. Fast food skips this whole process, in a single transaction, while providing a meal that is probably not healthy, but gratifies us through being loaded with shit, our body thinks it needs. We eat, we are gratified.

Gratification, in our brains, exist, to promote doing things associated with survival. Without gratification, we would be less inclined to do things associated with survival, meaning gratification is a powerful function of survival, found in all animals. Ever heard of somebody say or a sign say “Do not feed the bears.”? The reason why, is associated with gratification, because the bear found an easy meal, the bear is instantly gratified, in comparison to its other experiences of being gratified and when the bear is hungry again, it will defer to being instantly gratified, before it will go back to finding food the hard way, or delayed gratification. Gratification, basically defines how any animal will go about surviving, comparable to a compass, the arrow pointing towards the next source of gratification. The essence of survival, seems so much more than this process, but in its most basic form, this is it.

Remember, how I said, how hard it is to shake the idea of being reprogrammed, from our basic nature? This is how powerful instant-gratification is.. All it takes, is one time, for the bear to be exposed to this, for it to be severely affected by it.. Quantifying that idea, that is like an adult, learning an entire language, after learning just one word of that language.. Very, very, very powerful.

The bear, searching to be instantly gratified, is doing so, because it is surviving. Even if this process of survival, means getting shot and killed, while seeking instant gratification, the bear does not quantify this, because there is no gratification attached to that outcome. There is pain, of actually being shot, but even then, if it survives, it will continue to do just that, survive.. Through gratification. As you can see, the bear is not equipped to deal with the idea of instant-gratification, or the easy meal and when it becomes gratified instantly, that experience basically warps the bears survival mechanisms, essentially killing the bear, as it searches for its next form of gratification.



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