Manufacturing Outrage-1


Check out my GofundMe for some context into this.

Before I adopted the comical blurb, that is my gofundme, I had a pretty serious one, detailing my position and it received like 10 shares. Ever since I have updated it into the context it is now, I am now up to 50 shares. I am blown away by this.. I expected to have people messaging me like “Your a fuckin piece of shit!” or something like this, but so far, nothing.

Although there are no donations being made, the main thing is the free promotion of my links, through the vehicle of the gofundme campaign. It seems, that when I use a serious tone, people seem to take it.. Less seriously? And when I use a ludacris tone and context, the vehicle reaches much farther.

The ultimate goal of the outrage attached to the GoFundMe is ultimately for the page to go viral, which means, promoting the page, in an environment, where.. People are going to be outraged. This means, invading Billy’s cancer fund, or Bob’s fund for a new kidney.. Just generally, being a piece of shit human being.

The only obstacle right now, is somebody actually reporting my campaign to GoFundMe and them actually cancelling it, which could happen, but so far, it seems to be safe. I honestly thought they would of cancelled the campaign hours after I changed it, but that has not happened yet.




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