Addiction in Action-1


So, if animals navigate survival, through gratification, how do human beings navigate survival? We are animals to, are we not?

Obviously, in earlier times, our survival mechanisms looked a lot like the animals  does today, but with the birth of intelligence, things have changed. Today, we rely on social constructs, in conjunction with intelligence, to navigate survival and as a result, the archaic mechanisms of gratification have largely fallen into disarray. Obviously, we are still gratified for doing things associated with survival, but we certainly do not rely on these mechanisms to survive and have largely associated these mechanisms with pleasure, rather than survival. With this being said, we still seek gratification, but not as a function of survival.

How we go about seeking gratification, can be a tricky thing, but essentially, our experiences mold how we go about seeking gratification. As I already stated, time is a big deal for people in 2016; convenience.. It is rooted in instant gratification. When looking at people in 2016, delayed gratification has become more of a rarity, because of the society rooted in instant gratification that surrounds us.

Major faculties of delayed gratification are hard to think of, functionally, in our society, other than education. That is the big one and one people take very seriously. Delayed gratification, is a trait needed, in order to do longer periods of studying, without receiving a reward or gratification or ‘escape’. People who require instant gratification, due to the life style they lead, cannot perform under these circumstances as well as people who lead lifestyles of delayed gratification and this gap, between the two gratification types, have born a new diagnoses..

Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD. ADHD. A condition, where somebody cannot pay attention for long periods of time. Why? Because they are rooted in extreme instant gratification. Psychologists have been diagnosing this bullshit for years, prescribing bullshit medication, for a problem that they absolutely know the cause of.. I mean, i’m some fuckin’ guy without an education and I easily figured this shit out, so this idea that they are unaware of the root cause of this bullshit diagnoses is just silly.. Instant gratification, in a sense, has literally become a psychological disorder or detriment and yet, we do nothing to stop it, other than.. Prescribe shit. Make money off it. Be opportunistic with the situation, what we humans are best at.

So now, a divergence is presented. The individual who is rooted by delayed gratification, but can moderate their actions when exposed to instant gratification and the individual who is rooted in instant gratification and cannot moderate being exposed to gratification and loathes having their gratifications delayed.

NOW.. We can begin to speak about addiction and who it affects. The idea that addiction will only affect those who are instantly gratified is partially true, but due to the absolute wallop of dopamine that some drugs provide, we cannot rule out the possibility of the delayed gratification lifestyle being affected by such a heavy influx of instant gratification, similar to the bear being exposed to instant gratification.


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