Religious Exploration-7


Thursday, I attended another meeting of young adults at church, this time it was very casual. They are trying to get to know me better, however I remain distant. I’m unaware of what to expect or even how to socially conduct myself in this context, where people legitimately get all butt hurt over the wrong usage of “Jesus”. There is this very strange rift, between the old and the young there, where the old are very traditional in their beliefs, but the young are just not and occasionally this difference inspires a “Saying this or that may anger Jesus” from the older person and the younger..

Kind of not respecting that as much and I wonder, is this because I am there? Or is this the regular? I suppose a varying degree of faith between individuals is understandable, but I could see the older person being rubbed the wrong way by this kind of casual view the younger people carry. Not sure how I feel about this, but we still had fun, at any rate.


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