Privacy and Abuse


One of the most interesting concepts to come out of the 2000’s years is the invasion of privacy, due to the internet.

Privacy has existed, as a social construct, for a large amount of time now, dating back very, very far.. I mean, really, we cannot even quantify how far it has dated back, but regardless, what we can quantify is that privacy is becoming less and less functional throughout our now advanced social society, which is becoming more advanced daily. Obviously, the function of privacy involving dependants is a necessity.. We do not want to make our own children targets, by having their information online and what not.. But let us talk about privacy for the regular individual. The family, outside of dependants.

As we have progressed from the 1950’s into the 2000’s, we have noted that many tactics of parents and families, are now considered abusive, through our continuing education and applying that education to evolve the childcare system. Part of a function of these abuses, were isolation.. In terms of abuse, isolation is a very big part of it and without it, many instances of abuse cannot even begin to take root, or are much, much harder to commit. My question is, how much, of this outdated idea of privacy, is a function of these abuses that we have and are currently trying, to eliminate from our society?

As we have saw from this invasion of privacy, we have saw and learned a great deal from the idea of transparency. Being transparent, means allowing a full flow of information to occur, but also warrants the question, when this transparency exists, “Why do we need privacy?” and that question alone, seems a little bit to invasive at times to ask, but alas, I ask it anyways.. Why do we need privacy? For protection? Absolutely, however there are contexts where privacy is applied outside the scope of protection and even enacted as a front to commit crime.

For privacy, isolation and transparency to exist in the world, like it does today, it really creates this tug-o-war match between what is functional and what is not.. Each have their warrants, each their benefits, but also drawbacks.

This idea was one I just simply stumbled upon, while thinking about functions of isolation, in terms of abuse and privacy, in a lot of contexts, seems to fit into that idea of abuse, quite well and so.. If anything, it makes a guy think.. Why do we need privacy, outside the context of protecting dependants?



    1. Yeah, the thing with transparency is the aspect of it being applied to government. We find the idea that for transparency to really exist, there does really need to be a one world government, so there literally is no ‘classified’ information, or information that needs to be protected due to national (private) interests, since that interested will be of one context.

      One world government is actually scary as fuck, because just as the idea of transparency exists, so can the idea of privacy or even complete isolation and those ideas, with centralized power, can exist very, very easily.. Its a big step.


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