Multiculturalism.. My friends grandmother is 95 years old, took an ambulance ride.. The services charged her $400 for the ambulance.. But I wonder, how much do these refugees pay for an ambulance ride? 95 year old woman, lived here her whole life, but were gonna take care of refugees instead, but charge her full price? We have homeless people here, who freeze to death from exposure, yet we give refugees free rent for a year.. We have families who struggle every day and yet the government makes more funding available to refugee families.. We have these foreign cultures, saying that “Merry Christmas!” is offensive to their culture and that we should change it, but we are multiculturalism, meaning we respect ALL cultures, so what about MY culture? What about OUR people? MY people, should take a back seat, for a refugee? Why? Because we are multicultural? This is not multiculturalism! Multiculturalism is about fairness, but what fucking part of this is fair? Furthermore, these hardships these refugees are trying to escape, inspired by their culture, are actually being fucking brought over here and why? So now, we can all run from your fucked up, out of control, unenlightened culture? Fuck that. They say “Oh, but what about ISIS?” and I say “Well now, WE have to deal with them as well, because your bringing them here, as you run from them!!” LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!!!


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