Where am I, if not in the pages. I do not believe I am where I should be, but a voice, faint, says to stay the course. Another still, says to drop it all, followed by a multitude of others, each suggesting something slightly more appetizing than the grind. Some would call these voices truth, others, lies.. I just call them common sense.. They do not torture me, but are, in fact, roots, to a more logical world and even though, as I torture myself, denying them, I cannot deny that I need them, I can only say “Yes” or “No”.. For now, i’ll continue to say “No” and the grind, renewed.. Ladies and gentleman, don’t try this at home.

As I finish writing that, a woman.. No, a girl, comes sitting across from me. She is on the phone, revealing that she is in need of a place to stay, to whoever she is speaking to, making promises of money that clearly not there, as she bursts into tears, even claiming to the person on the phone “I’m so desperate for money, I just wanna whore myself out!” (She was beautiful, i’m buying! lol!)

Her boyfriend is sitting around the corner, texting, clearly not concerned with the situation and even laughs at her, as she waltz’s back to the table, saying “I let my make up run..” The boyfriend gets on the phone, announcing the bar name they are headed to.  I’m sitting there, shaking my head,  watching this nonsense unfold.. Like seriously, who the fuck needs movies? As they walk out the door, I cannot decide if I am more or less entertained by their departure.. I think more. Then, I began to leave and notice 4 of the staff all watching me.. Oh, right.


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