Religious Exploration-9


Regularly attending church, as well as volunteering has attracted some unwanted attention.. The head pastor of the church, the other day, stopped me while I was donating my time there and immediately begins the conversation by crossing his arms and asking a question.. No hello or how are you?.. Just right to the questions. “So what inspired you to come join our church?” He followed my answer up with another question and more after that one, all very similar, as if I had not answered his question to his satisfaction. This entire thing reeked of the pastor already having formulated an opinion about me, when we have shared words once before, like literally one time. I know the feeling of being judged that way and furthermore, I have only had a single conversation with this man, so for him to be asking questions about me, using information that I have not directly told him, tells me he has obviously been asking around about me. Why? Why has he taken such a sudden interest?

I believe that this pastors daughter works at the church. I have not formally met her, however we have shared glances back and fourth and she has even tried initiating conversations with me, if she is who I think she is.. She is beautiful and even shares the pastors blue eye color; I have no doubt this is her.

This leaves me to believe that this pastor feels threatened by my presence.. That i do not attend this church, for spiritual reasons, but rather my own selfish ones. I think his daughter expressed her interest in me, to the pastor, her dad, which initially sparked his sort of investigation into my character, through the people there that associate with me.

This type of shit is the preconceived notion I had about going to church.. I thought people would be less judgmental, but it seems this pastor has a vested interest in me and not in a good way.


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