Meryl Streep IS retarded.


For your consideration, courtesy of ‘Rebel Media’s channel on Youtube.

This stupid cunt, Jesus Christ, forgive me for taking your name in vain, but dear lord, please strike this silly cunt down.

Firstly, here is Meryl, with her opinion on Trump’s WORDS.. But where the fuck was Meryl when Barack Obama’s administration was bombing hospitals, killing families, using double tap drone strikes and selling weapons illegally? Where the fuck was Meryl at?

Secondly, Meryl, a white actress, receiving a lifetime achievement award, for always being an actress, at the Golden Globes, of all places, is complaining about privilege? Are you fucking serious? Meryl knows plenty about privilege, she has had a life full of it!! She is so disconnected, it is actually insulting.. I actually feel like I am watching a movie as the retardation spills out of her mouth.

Third, she is protecting Journalists, why? What the fuck kind of scrutiny are journalists under? Uhhh, completely valid scrutiny, for being corrupt? For doing anything but their jobs? Journalists actions have caused outlets like Rebel Media to be born, because they DO NOT COVER THE REAL NEWS.. Or if they do, they do it in a completely biased fashion, inserting opinions instead of facts.

Fourth, Meryl’s sexist agenda is so obvious its just mind numbing. Football and MMA? Great, just another addition to her already lengthy catalog of sexist speeches.

Fifth, foreigners? Shut the fuck up.

I cannot believe that Trump has not even made it into office yet and is experiencing backlash greater than Obama ever did. What kind of racist state is the country in, when a black politician can openly bomb the shit out of a country, but when it comes to a white politicians foreign policy based on words alone, he is completely vilified? Which brings me to..

Sixth.. Hollywood is vilified? Journalists are vilified? Foreigners are vilified? What kind of disconnected nonsense is this? I would love for one example of the government unjustly performing any action against any of these outlets, in the context of Meryl Streep’s speech.. You will not find it, because it is bullshit.

This idea of people with privilege being victims is so ridiculous. Whether Meryl Streep knows it or not, she just destroyed her reputation as a famous actress by gaining one as a complete and utter retard.. She has all the resources to educate herself, all the will to educate herself and yet, is still ignorant.. If that is not the definition of retarded, then I do not know what is.

As a man, I now feel like it is my civic duty to boycott anything associated with Meryl Streep and her very clearly sexist,  disconnected and absolutely retarded agenda.




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