Everywhere I look.


What the hell happened to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Everywhere I look now, its yoga pants and these high boots.. Like pervasive, everywhere I god damn look, its ridiculous… I actually feel like a pervert for just going for a walk, this is nuts!!

I mean, sure, its great and all, but the sexualization of fashion has suddenly reached this new height.. What the hell happened?

Like before hand, you’d see a woman or two in yoga pants and be like “Yeah, that is sexy as hell..” but now, its reached this fever pitch where everywhere I look, its there.. Even young women! Young girls! The perversion of fashion is actually, as a man, scaring me, rather than turning me on.. What is this?

Are women really this.. I don’t even know the word. Like.. Desperate for attention? Is this all due in part to a low self esteem or something? Like, I actually feel like its perfectly fine to stare at a woman wearing this clothing, why else would they wear it? I can’t look away.

And now, its like, you see the rare woman in a pair of blue jeans and your just like.. “I respect that.” That is what I want. A woman who does not need to wear these sexually charged clothing to have a level of self esteem, if that is what it is.

And women who read this are probably all like, “Why do you care what I wear?” Because I have to look at it and not only that, but now also deal with the feelings I get from looking at it. I am just repeating myself now, but this shit is reaching new, uncomfortable heights and I am not enjoying it nearly as much as I thought I would be.. I thought I would be in heaven, surrounded by women wearing yoga pants and these sexy boots and revealing tops or some shit, but it is waaaaaaay too much. If you need to wear that clothing to feel sexy, I am beginning to feel like there is something wrong with you.

Like yesterday, for example, I am fixated on this woman wearing blue and black leopard spotted yoga pants and this short top and I seriously just cannot look away, she finds me looking and gives me this “Uggghh..” like she is sick of being looked at in this way or something, like fix the way you dress then, don’t blame people for looking at your half naked body, its too much.


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