I swear to fucking god, every time I even walk into this families house, I am sticking my neck out.. Apparently now, there is some mystery drug they are giving the individual and they are ‘not sure’ if they have a prescription for it, but only give it when a crisis is happening.. But here is the thing, they are already engaging in pacification through sugar instead of their own actions to moderate behavior, so with that in mind, how much of a stretch is it to assume they are using this mystery drug, as a means of basically making the individual tired and sleepy, everyday? It seems very likely to me.. What the fuck am I getting myself into here, if I cannot give this mystery drug, so am I going to have a sleepless psychotic on my hands for the duration of my time with the individual?

I come from a family who also had an out of control individual, who also used pacification unsuccessfully and I know for a fact there is shit going on outside the scope of legality as a means of just keeping their heads above water.