I find the idea of the book cover insulting.

Without self-publishing, there is just publishing and when apart of a publisher, your book sales begin by being in outlets (Most of the time.) A rep, boasting a multitude of book covers in a jacket, enters an outlet, not with your book, or any of its written content, but rather, just the cover. This person shows off their book covers to the rep at the outlet and the rep chooses the best covers and says “I think I can sell those!” and that is basically how your published book enters an outlet to obtain sales. Mind you, this process leaves the writer with a royalty between 3-7%, usually on the lower end.

When speaking on the profession of writing, all love and care bullshit aside, the writer is still apart of a profession and  should be concerned with monetary gain. Self publishing, through Amazon, the bear minimum you can get is 35%.. 35%.. Fuck all the other bullshit, 35%..

Now ask yourself, is some asshole prancing around with your book cover, worth your time? Worth your money? Is it really, or are you just being subjected to some archaic process, for the simple fact that in the past, for a few select authors, they have found massive success?

This process is just that, a process. Nothing more.. And yet, we find an industry, behind the writer, that is actually trying to sell this process to the author, before they try to sell said authors book.. In essence, before they ever sell a book, they must first sell the process and who is paying for the process of selling the process? The writer.

What I mean to say is that, for the vast majority, this process is simply burdening. It gives life, to a division of this process that is just unnecessary. To sell a book, you need a writer, a seller and a buyer.. That is all.. Anything else is just bullshit. Of course, there is quality control and education, but before that, you need the passion, the fire.

Mind you, I have never been “Published” and I do not mean to discredit those writers who have been subjected to the process, but all the same, they can go fuck themselves too.