Work Vent

I vowed to never step foot into this house again, but desperate times call for desperate measures..

10 days ago, I resumed services with a client that I had forcefully stopped almost 2 years ago. Obviously, I cannot talk about the client in any way, shape or form, so instead I will just focus on myself.

I have had to change my sleeping schedule on the fly, from going to sleep at 10 AM to waking at 10 AM bi-daily now for a while.. It has been brutal. I was dealing with my stress level just fine, until a co-worker that was doing respite for me, really, really, really pissed me off and being in charge of the home, I basically told her to fuckin’ beat it on her second day.. She filled in for me, once I left the home and has provided services on and off herself, just as I had, due to the client’s wild behaviors.. She declined this shift, so I filled in for her, needing the money and as soon as I did, guess who comes riding in on their high horse? Yeah, this stupid cunt..An unprofessional description, but this post alone is super unprofessional to begin with, so might as well keep with the theme.

She is telling me how to do this and that.. I dont mind the hints, although the way she communicated them was irritating.. Then I need to rearrange my other shifts because she needs to do this and that, so I did, then we even bent the fuckin’ rules for her to make a little more money than she should have for travel time, just so she would shut the fuck up and she was still complaining.. Then, I tell her to only call for emergencies and I will come while on respite and she interrupts my only good sleep i’ve had in a while to ask if I can bring ice cream on the way back.. I fucking absolutely lost it on my coordinator, told them to tell her to get the fuck out and do not come back, would like to tell her myself, maybe i’ll still get the chance… I am not normally like this, but the client has me up to my neck as it is, like I need her piling on her fuckin’ nonsense as well, her one job is to provide respite for me, a fucking break, not make my life more difficult, so mother fuck that noise, get the fuck out!! If she wanted her opinion to matter, should of taken the shift herself.

Oh my god, the toxicity of this blog post is overwhelming lol, I need to go meditate or something.


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