The chase of.. A baseless love. The pussy chase. It has become hollow. To what end, am I going to chase after these grown women? For the off chance of being around at that critical moment at the end of the night? I don’t even know is this woman has anything going for her and more importantly, I don’t care, because my brain is telling me I need to have an orgasm. Once I have an orgasm, my brain is going to shift gears, my eyes will shift to the ceiling, rather than her. My mind will shift to the next day, rather than now or even then.

But an excitement has now entered my life. Not a chase, but a desire. Not a woman, but a lady. Not the pussy, but the excitement of a future together. My life has been far removed from anything involved in romance, but maybe that removal of that aspect of my life has been a mistake.. I guess i’ll take the plunge and find out. I am happy that I am not anxious about it, but excited.


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