What I’m doing as of late.


Its been a minute! I had plans to begin pushing out a fantasy epic I was writing, onto my blog, but I have been captivated by the impact of internet dating on our society. I have been researching peoples experiences, meeting with people and getting myself involved in some very weird situations.. Basically, what started as a introspection into my own experiences, has become something much more.. Involved. I planned on staying on the outside, to remain the observer, but that has kind of fallen apart on me. I have had several.. Intimate experiences and those have led me into experiences with people who have certain fetishes, people who do things that are very socially unacceptable. I have found people who use internet dating for simply the attention they get, found people who use it for its intended purpose, dating and lastly, people who just use it to obtain their next sex partner. I’m enthralled and I am way to deep into this shit to have any sort of thoughts of backing out now. I don’t want to reveal to much, but I will publish some of my experiences on my blog, that I intend to leave out of the book I am writing about my experiences, as well as the experiences of others. I had so many preconceptions, shattered, by my experiences and I am left with a perspective largely.. Unexplored.


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