Religious Exploration-11


ALRIGHT!.. I CONCEDE. God is real. Today, something absolutely profound happened.

Today, I went to the kitchen I have had so many of the experiences I have had in my religious exploration. I was hungry and looking for a meal, as well as inspiration and to be around people who would lift my spirits.

As a preface, the other night I had made a list of a bunch of shit I wanted to procure over the next several weeks to make sure I would be good to go, but I didn’t want to spend any of my work money on these things and I wanted to maybe get some side work, where I could get some cash and buy these things.

There was a raffle going on for a dufflebag full of shit, of which nobody got to see inside, so among the other probably 80 names, I threw mine in, then sat down with a familiar face from one of my previous religious exploration blogs, the man I thought was trying to sell me meth.. Turns out, his name is Louis and he is has an incredible story about his past to tell, being one of the native children scooped up by the Canadian government when residential schools were still going on. Speaking with Louis, it was evident he was very wise and said “I often come back here, not because I need to, but because I do not want to forget where I came from,” which ironically was probably the exact reason I had come back, so I didn’t forget that at one point, I was homeless as well. Me and Louis talked at length and as his story began to flush out, the raffle for the bag began.. For the second time in my life, now both times occurring in this very building, I had won something. I never win anything random, but for some reason, this building seems to be like.. I don’t even know, I’m shaking my head even as I write this still.

Speaking with Louis further now, he was telling me that he had spoken to many different people in the book business and that they had all recommended he begin writing his story. So did I. When he asked me what I did, his face lit up when I replied “Well, I work in the community with people who have mental disabilities and I also write and self publish.” We spoke for a bit, before I gave him my number and told him to call me next time he decided to come on down and experience the kitchen again, as a reminder of where we came from. Louis is truly one of the most down to earth people I have ever spoken with and it was very evident early on and even now that we share some sort of connection, maybe through god, maybe otherwise, I am not entirely sure.

Walking out to my vehicle, my prize duffel bag in hand, I open it and go through it. I am blown away. In tears. Every single thing I wrote on that list, is in that fucking bag. Everything and it wasn’t worth a million dollars or even a hundred, but it was just the simple fact that it was all there, like what are the odds, that I win, first of all and secondly, that everything on that fucking list is there? Its just too much. I am now forced to concede, that there is just simply no way that this is a coincidence. I still don’t know what to say, other than thank you god. Any doubt I had, is just gone.

More than anything, I feel like I need to help Louis begin his story. The story of the native people in this country has not been beaten to death, has not been spoken of heavily, but lightly and is often shoved underneath the carpet, it is unacceptable. Yes, I believe I will try to convince Louis to begin writing his story and although it will take years, I know he will find more healing in telling his story than anything else.


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