The landscape around Kristopher was dull and did not reflect the great light emitted. His steps around the path left no trace, as if he were a ghost. Wondering, he thought of Leonard’s throat and if it would feel his blade, once the magic subsided; but these influences, from all around him, growing with every step, only brought his thoughts back to his own fate.

Nearing the bottom now, a faint light began to appear, in the center of the mass of snappers, below on the lakes surface. Now standing at the drop to the below, he wondered the possibilities of stepping into the water, as the light now shone, almost defiantly, from the depths. Kristopher debated his own will, as he could feel it mingling with more than just evil, but something else. Orb in hand, he stepped onto the water, feeling nothing. Stepping again, he felt himself break through its surface like ice.

Descending into the abyss, he felt his body smash against several objects, as the light from the orb illuminated them; snappers. Hitting bottom, he saw the light in the dark, obscured and distant… The shadow between the lights, growing thinner, as he drew near. Closer, he saw a great claw, it’s size alone was of an adult snapper’s body.. Even with time still, he feared its presence, fighting his primal urge to run in fear. He tried not to think about the great monster that lurked in the depths with him.

Nearing the light, another sense of fear rose into his throat.. Consequence, reprisal.. He could see now, the light was being emitted from the Mage’s spirit, gold, as it stood over it’s corpse.. Kristopher was sure he could see the shadow’s of many snapper’s coming to feast.. Fearful of his treachery, that the truth would live on, he approached the waiting spirit, as the two lights in the abyss, became one, greater than both.

Kristopher heard the mage’s voice, once standing close “Adventurer.. Fellow mage.. Pleas..” A break in the Mage’s request, before “YOU!!!!” The mage’s gold hand erupted into a fist, as his index finger extended, shooting crippling guilt into Kristopher’s conscience “YOU!!!!” The mage’s accusation flung again.

Kristopher stood still, unresponsive. Looking onto his former attacker, the mage understood the task before him, but unwilling to set aside the resentment he had, for his former escort. “You are a fool” the mage declared, slowly feeling the darkness draining what was left of his essence.

Kristopher finally spoke, burdened “G..Greed.. For this.” He held up the orb, blinding..

Sighing, the mage conceded “The mistake, was ever hiring out of the profession.. We cannot blame those, who’s desire, runs deeper than their value..” He continued “My master told me, when pulled between two evils, try always, to choose the lesser..”

Kristopher replied “I…”

The mage cut him off with a groan “Urrrggggghhh” The mage’s spirit fell to it’s knees, “Listen! Listen closely!”

Kristopher thought he saw the black shadows, shifting behind.. Then he realized it was. A shadowy claw was extended into their aura of light, visible enough to see.

Struggling, tbe Mage said “Cast this spell, allow me to follow you.. Shield me from this darkness..” The claw’s fingers balled up, before returning to normal, during which the Mage’s spirit., “Li..Gh..O..St” the mage said “La…Ga..R..AN

Kristopher raised the orb, unveiling a demonic wrath, standing behind the mage, it’s teeth, without lips, eyes, without Lids.. It’s form showed no qualities of.. Rest.. Just unrelenting fury. Stunned by the horror, the words left his tongue, seemingly falling off the tip “Say them again!”

The Mage stood up on one foot, before the wraith lashed him back down, it’s arm like a whip “Lighost Lagaran!”

Kristopher began to rush “Lighost..”

Suddenly, the mage’s light was penetrated, a dark core forming in the middle, “Stop!” he commanded, before looking at the grevious situation “Fuck!, we’re too late! My angry groveling, My temper and.. Careless.”

Reverbirating through him, like a wave of the waters inhabited, Kristopher began to watch the darkness take the mage “You must act with intellect, for if you do not, a much graver fate than my own awaits you.” Exploding through the mage’s chest, the black, midnight colored claw was now fully through the Mage, as he spoke his last words “When we meet again, we will be mortal enemies!”, his spirit was thrown astrew, as its remaining particles were devoured by the darkness.

Suddenly, Kristopher was alone, the orb, still shining as bright as ever. He felt his own will, damaged by a consciousness unprepared for the guilt of despicable deeds “Lighost Lagaran!” he said, the words falling among the snappers alone. He wanted to leave the deep, but did not know how. His instincts, were to search, with the light, for a way out.. Although, he was sure he was trapped here.


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