Kristopher wandered the dark abyss, certain there was more than just snappers to be found. Hope for escape was dwindling, as time passed by.. Or did it? Everything was still, even the water. So many unknowns, Kristopher felt lost in them all.

Using the orb’s light, he found the rigid wall, placing his hand against it, as he followed it, until he felt the floors elevation begin to rise., feeling his steps leave the sand and silt below, undisturbed. Ramping toward the surface, his climb became easier and he could see some of the snappers, in the midst of the dark abyss, heading towards the mage’s corpse, to feast alongside the giant, inexplicable creature below.

Breaking the waters surface, he touched his hooded garb and found it dry to the touch, like he had never actually been in the water to begin with. Walking back up the same trail, he found himself uninfluenced by the evil that caused him to kill.. Kristopher paused in his tracks.

Kristopher’s mission.. As a hunter, was to assassinate the mage, retrieve his orb and bring it back. He was sure, yet.. He felt as if his goal was to rob the mage, kill his partner Leonard and ultimately sell the orb. Flooding, who he really was, came into view in his consciousness. Quickly, he darted up the mountain path, towards Leonard, no closer to unraveling his predicament, but with a genuine worry for his brother in arms.

Making it to the spot, where he had assassinated the mage and threw him into the abyss below. Looking to Leonard, he observed him frozen in time, dagger drawn.. Had Leonard fallen into the blights influence, as well? Would Leonard remember, his duty as a hunter? Most importantly, did he kill Leonard, in his influence fury? Kristopher examined Leonard’s neck, where he had dragged his blade across, but there was no mark.. For now, he would assume Leonard would live.

Looking at the stretch that the group had walked together to arrive at the oasis. Kristopher began taking his first steps toward the path, orb in hand, unsure of whatever awaited ahead, or if this spell he was apart of would last much longer. Looking at the shining orb, he wondered how he was able to see the mage’s dying spirit and if he would encounter the dark influence again.. Kristopher was aware of the orbs value, but if the orb was really this powerful, he wondered what other wonders it could produce. Still looking at it, he decided to put it back in his waist pack, lacing it closed, before stepping forwards on the road, back towards Puzzle-Tyric.



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