Kristopher wandered the road, noting the unusual prints, left by the passing horses. Their hooves looked to be supplemented for the rough terrain, but.. Unusual, was how many there were.. 7 sets of prints, he could count at least, but the overlap made them hard to follow.. He had saw horses and the soldiers that rode them, but when the riders initially past, he saw the horses covered in plate armor, along with their riders. Wherever these rides went, they went with the purpose of waging war; as a hunter, Kristopher had never set foot on an active battlefield before.. But Puzzle-Tyric was south and their prints led east.. East towards.. The Unjaryk Division, a range of mountains, fabled with paranormal legends of great beasts that exist through the physical and spirit realm. Is that where he was? In between two worlds? He was not even sure a magic, of any variety, could help him.. Unsure, he decided to head back to Puzzle-Tyric. Looking at the shine illuminating from his pouch, he thought it incredible how it shoned, even through the thick leather.

Walking the smoother path, devoid of the deep hoof prints, Kristopher could see the large strips of Puzzle-Tyric ahead and Kristopher could feel a familiar influence, of a negative nature, as every footstep taken drew him closer to Puzzle-Tyric. Thinking Puzzle-Tyric would be a safe haven, away from the negative influence. It was strange, since he had spent a lot of time here and could never recall being influenced before, like he was at the Oasis and yet here is that feeling now, in front of him.. It seemed his understanding of his situation was fleeting. Breathing deep, he decided to continue onto Puzzle-Tyric, for a new perspective into a place he had spent so much of his life in.. He would explore magic.

Entering the city gate, he was greeted by the steel visage of a Tyric Guard. At first, Kristopher thought the suit of armor was moving, but as he approached closer, he saw the guard was frozen, standing in the corridor that separated the towns gate from the first strip.

Puzzle-Tyric’s strips were engineered to allow ease of access for mounts to freely enter and exit the city, by 2 large gates. Other gates existed as well, providing ease of access for those on foot and every foot gate had a long, bottle necked corridor behind it, making the numerous gates easily defensible, by just a small number of men. Ducking below and around the guard’s big frame, in the narrow corridor, Kristopher looked into the window of the guard shack, seeing two armored men, without helmets, eating soup. It seems the orb threw Kristopher into a.. State, where all the living people were like Leonard was, frozen. Fear, began to creep into his gut, as he walked the fitted stones, towards the first strip, feeling a sense of isolation that he had never felt before, impossibly deep..

Opening the wooden gate, Kristopher noticed the contrast of the walls that surrounded Puzzle-Tyric, being stone, while most of the inner buildings and walls were still wood, slowly being converted into stone. Easily, one could spot the most profitable stores this way, since they were the first buildings to be converted from wood to stone.

Observing this first strip was entirely made of stone, the deduction could be made, that this area was one of heavy traffic, often allowing those on horse back a very nice welcome. This strip was the trade strip, since it had such heavy traffic; this road was the easiest to go south, towards the Unjaryk Divide, seeing the bigger caravans paying a tax just to use their road. Outside of traveling, Kristopher rarely frequented the shops here, since their wears were typically more expensive.



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