Today, the trade strip’s road was no exception, being full of horse drawn wagons, pedestrians and Tyric guards. One wagon in particular, parked in front of the trade strip’s tavern, caught Kristopher’s eye. Constructed of steel, rather than wood, it was draped in a green cloth; a soldier draped in chainmail, spoke to a Tyric guard in front of it, the two clearly in the middle of a heated debate, as the guard had his mace drawn, with a second guard on horse back, visor up, pointing at the wagon, from behind the two men, about 10 feet back.. It seemed the Cult of Naator was in town, a rarity that raised questions, from the few that were even aware of their existence; Kristopher now knew who the armored riders belong to, but the fact that they were enroute from past the oasis, to the Unjaryk Divide, only left questions of intrigue.

Typically, the Cult only made appearances alongside abuses of orb rituals.. Wonder filled his mind; did he bring them here? Was the mage that he and Leonard had orders to kill, a practitioner of Blight worship? Kristopher removed the orb from his leather pouch, it’s glow still as bright as ever, throwing it into the air, before letting it fall back into his palm; if the city were alive right now, he would probably be attacked on sight for having such a powerful artifact or at minimum, jailed by the guards. Concealing artifacts was a crime and unless declared to the Tyric guards, for them to inform the mages, a very serious one, with good reason; these things were damn dangerous, his current predicament a testament. Clearly, the dark influence was a Blight and how strange, that he could feel that same energy, here, now.

Seeing that the living could not be reached, he decided to try and find another spirit, one that he could use the spell, the mage’s spirit taught him, before the mage’s spirit was devoured by the Blight.. He wondered what the spell would even do, but also knew, it was the only shred of arcane knowledge he possessed and if magic was a way to resolution for his situation, then he would exhaust every option available to him and a dim hope began to spark in his mind, that maybe his only option would present more. Deadly, this game was, dabbling in magic’s unknown, but he figured his situation could not worsen more, than this.


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