The Shade, A Scar, lifted the orb in his direction; Kristopher went to shield himself, looking at his hands.. They had become ethereal tendrils.. His body became loose, unfocused. He could feel his.. Make up, of his spirit, slipping into the clouds around him. Needing to focus, he closed his eyes.

He heard a chant coming from the shade, a Scar and opened his eyes, watching a streaking ball of fire flying towards him. Before impact, he watched his focus, almost inspire, the make up of his body, back into a familiar shape, as his tendrils became hands once more. Blowing up in front of him, he watched the flames blow apart his focus, feeling himself slip, heavily, into the clouds around him. His form became a mist, rather than a focused figure, but with his focus, he was able to bring himself back into a humanoid figure.

“You are strong.. Impressive.” The Shade announced, as Kristopher felt his form being attacked by the left over flames of the fireball, burning on the ground, all around him. Struggling, he managed to keep his form together, until the flames subsided. Feeling a sense of grace, he knew the shade could of slung a flurry of spells and destroyed him instantly, but yet, here he was.. In spirit.. Intact.

Burning, the shade’s red eyes were focused on him, as it held the Green Fire Orb, its flames mimicking the barrier surrounding them. His eyes looked to the beings beyond the barrier, seeing hundreds of shades watching the bout unfold. Now, he understood, to a degree, the power these shades possessed.. To keep their form in a humanoid shape, required an intense focus, a focus Kristopher could barely exercise. Daunting, was the feeling of becoming aware, of just how over his head he was.

“How does it feel, to be one of us?” The shade sounded pleased, “You cannot esca…”

From beyond the green barrier, a flash of lightning struck Scar, the shade, interrupting his words, as his form almost dissipated, it’s red eyes still in form, but the rest of his figure, a mist; cloudy. The Green Fire Orb dropped to the ground, as the shade, responsible for the slung spell, against Scar, crossed the barrier, into the arena.

“You fucking fool!” Scar cursed.

The Shade shot another bolt of lightning at Scar, as it’s form sank further into a form of ethereal mist. The Green Fire Orb pulsed, before sucking the barrier, keeping the rest of the shades from entering the arena, into itself.

Kristopher stood, watching the scene unfold. There was a feeling in the air, one of.. Chaos. Mutiny. He panned his view, across the shades that now stood, unobstructed, from entering the arena. Electric, the air, began to take on a property of obscure heaviness, as the dark clouds now began to pick up pace.. He sensed these dark clouds were readying their hunger, for the coming feast.. Clearly, a power vacuum was about to happen.

The shade threw a last spell at Scar, as one of Scar’s tendrils clasped the orb, laying on the ground and as it did, his form was returned to it’s familiar figure, unleashing a bolt of ice, fire, lighting and green energy, towards the challenging shade, who was blasted apart, it’s form devoured by the dark, swirling clouds, “Well.. Come on then!” Scar’s voice boomed.

Kristopher felt a feeling of immense danger, almost a “Ding!” going off in his head, as he threw himself to the ground, watching a maelstrom of spells be slung at Scar, a chain of brilliant flashes, as Scar’s form evaporated into the dark clouds, leaving behind the red eyes to stare at Kristopher and he, at them, as they floated, like two flames in the air, the Green Fire Orb on the ground below them.

Spiritual warfare ensued. Hundreds of shades jumped into the arena, blasting each other away, as he watched multitudes of shades be blasted into clouds and dust, sucked into the dark clouds that swirled around them. Cracks of loud lightning began to erupt, as a few figures, clearly the more powerful of the shades, began to be singled out by the chaos, fighting amongst each other; one particular, dodging spells, while slinging dead accurate spells back, destroying their casters. Kristopher watched, as the shade rifted through a multitude of spells in its arsenal, showing no signs of slowing, as it blasted away all competition.

Glowing fire red now, the eyes erupted, blowing up into a single portal of fire, as a familiar figure, devoid of all qualities of rest, only relentless fury, joined the fray, now reduced to the most powerful of the shades, leaving them in awe of the new challenger, the most powerful shade yelling “Kill it!!”, as the rest of the shades focused their spell power against it. Kristopher saw bright flashes erupt, brilliant among the dark, swirling clouds and put his head down, closing his eyes, as he felt the heat of the slung spells, burning his form, clearly very powerful… He began to feel himself slip into the clouds, trying to focus back into his familiar form.. Slipping further, as the spiritual warfare raged on around him.




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