The ninth, being lifted into the wagon, the 8 other knights paid their respects, Draetarn picked up his war hammer “Gastien always loved this damned hammer…”

Looking at the body laying on the wagon, the Anthranhall said “He loved much more than that hammer.. He was a good man and in any other battle, would of made an unbeatable guardian, but these damn orbs loose… Two Blights, in one battle.. Even our teachers did not face odds like this and even their predecessors, rarely..”

Draetarn looked into the field, watching the small army of men departing “I fear, we must crusade..”

Replying to Draetarn, the Anthranhall retorted “Let us not get political just yet, we must have faith in our counterparts, if they are to have faith in our crusade..” adding, “Furthermore, if we gather the orbs, the mage’s dissidents may show themselves in an opportunistic fashion.. No, they must be destroyed, from the inside, out.” Looking to the retreating force, the Anthranlhall commanded “Let’s head back, Gastien’s sacrifice will not be forgotten, but may be wasted if we do not act wisely.” Mounting up, the leader and his 8 remaining followers rode off, having to change formation into single file, as a multitude of caravans passed by them, noting their shaky wooden frame, failing in comparison to the steel framed one that carried Gastien’s body.

Coming to where the road intersected, between the path to Puzzle-Tyric and the Oasis, the mounted knights saw a contingency of 4 mages riding, one holding the unmistakable hue of a calling orb.

Draetarn, linking with the Anthranhall, asking as the group slowed their pace, observing “What are those fools doing!? It’s almost night.” The Anthranhall connected with the 8 of them, “Give chase, if we can help, we should.” Using the widen intersections path to change direction, as the Anthranhall commanded the remaining force to continue towards Puzzle-Tyric, as the mages headed towards the Oasis.


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