Volleys of slung spells arced across the dark arena, their direction focused upon the Blight, who was some how linked to the shade, Scar. He did not understand, why all the other shades now tried to destroy the Blight, but what he did understand was that the shades seemingly stood no chance, as the Blight shrugged off every impact, it’s attention instead focused upon the Green Fire Orb that lay on the ground, reaching to grasp it, before the most powerful shade amongst the shades unleashed a dark cloud, grasping and pulling it away from the Blight.

“Mine!” the Blight growled, charging at the shade, destroying it utterly, as it threw the orb to the next shade, the Blight following suit, destroying every shade that possessed the orb, as some sick game of keep away, until the last threw it to Kristopher.

Empty now, the dark clouds swirling around the two remaining beings in the dark arena, now slowed their circling of the two, as if their feast was almost at an end. Clearly enjoying the moment, the Blight did not charge Kristopher, although he was terrified of the Blights appearance and found his thoughts now turning against him. Emotions, running deep. Focus, thin, as his spirit began to fade. “You hid your form, all along,” Kristopher announced.

“I am no longer of The Scar. I have been born anew; Blighted.”

“Clearly, I am no match for you..” Kristopher gripped the Green Fire Orb, “What will happen to me?”

“You will no longer be of the spirit world, but of The Scar.. You will be a Scar, as I was.”


“Hmph.. Hehehe.” The Blight giggled “The Scar is not a place accessible by spirit.. It is a place for those, who have had their invitation to the physical and spirit worlds.. Revoked.” The Blight now smiled, it’s barred teeth curving into a smile “You.. You will become very powerful.. The Scar, it is formed by those who inhabit it, similar to the physical and spirit world.. It is a place of great evil.. Only, great evil.. Until you arrive. Once you do, your hand of righteousness will begin to change it.. Just as my hand of evil, mirrored..” The shade extended it’s claw and seemingly took the Green Fire Orb away from Kristopher without even moving, as it floated towards the Blight’s extended hand “..Will shape yours.” The Blight laughed again “Hehehe.. Fickle is the universe.. As I stand to gain apart of your world, I also stand to lose apart of my own..”

Kristopher did not understand, could not.. He could feel the Blight’s mere presence impacting his emotions, destroying his focus and his ethereal form in the process, little by little. Looking down, he saw that most of his form had now become a mist and he could feel his focus, unable to resolve it. “This is the end, then..” The dark clouds that surrounded them now feasted upon whatever part of himself he could no longer focus, his anger leaving him first, as his consciousness in this spirit world, faded.

“Accept the invitation..” The Blight said, before lifting the orb up, blasting away the dark clouds that surrounded them, it’s form being destroyed in the process, leaving Kristopher in awe and wonder, surrounded by a green mist. Feeling his invitation to the Scar coming… He could hear, it’s beating wings, circling him now, similar to the dark clouds that devoured the shades, only.. This being was alive. It phased in and out of his surroundings, like some sort of nightmare beast.



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