Through the green mist, he could see a giant cluster of red eyes, their glow so fierce, they seemed to penetrate the gaseous mist for leagues, until their red, intense hue, washed over him. He could see they belonged to some giant head, that belong to some sort of giant beast, it’s wings beating heavily now, almost blowing his essence away but never fully displacing the seemingly endless green veil. Feeling hot breath upon his spirit, the beast spoke “Mi’lord..” growing deeply.

Kristopher was fearful, but today was a day filled with it and he did not allow this feeling to cripple him “Your lord is gone, beast!”

Drawing breath, he felt the beast inhale, sucking his essence closer, breathing Kristopher in, before replying “No, you are, what was once Lord.. Lord Scar.. Now, you have the mantle that houses the stoked flame…”

Kristopher felt no different, “I just want my body back.. It was stolen.”

Replying in kind, the beast said “Indeed..” Breathing in and exhaling, almost blowing Kristopher away, “Your vessel.. It awaits you, at the throne.. Lord.”

Kristopher always dreamt of being a Lord. Lord Scar. He had to concede to his inner ego and admit, the name sounded.. Intimidating. He liked it. “How do I get there?” he questioned.

“We.. We will go, when you wish.. Mi’lord.” He saw a massive black claw land beside him, clearly an invitation.

“Fine, take me there..” Lord Scar paused, “What is your name?” asking, as he floated along the beasts great extended arm, passing it’s massive head, eyes protruding outwards, like some great horrible behemoth, inexplicably mashed together for some nefarious purpose.. It reminded Lord Scar of a spider and a bat.. Somewhere in between, the two familiar beasts, birthed into something totally new, it’s dank breath washing over him, as it’s eyes followed his movements, until he was floating square upon it’s rigid, spiked back. Two great spikes protruded out of it’s back, more pronounced than the other spikes. He grabbed a hold of them, his tendrils easily focused into hands as he gripped them.. Natural.. The grip felt natural.

Not answering until he was mounted, the beast replied “There is only one of me, I need no name.”

Wings batting now, the massive gusts of air would of blown him away easily, but he felt in control, as the beast took to the air, rising out of the green veil, as he witnessed a dank, grey, dead desert, all around him. “What is this place!?” Lord Scar asked in astonishment.

“This.. Is the Scar.. Your Scar, now.” Releasing a high pitched scream, the beast began soaring through the desert, Lord Scar watching things move among the sand, obscured.. Insects, he thought, feeling mighty, riding his grand mount.

“If I have a name, that must mean there are other Lords?”

“Many.. But now there is only you.. You have not always been, nor will you be, as I have and as I will be and so.. You are named.”

“Why am I named, if there is only me!?” Lord Scar curiously asked.

Snickering, the beast replied “Because I am bound.. And you.. Unbound.”

Lord Scar receded into his thoughts, wondering if any other pertinent questions needed to be asked. For what felt like an eternity, the two flew in silence, until a massive mountain came into view. Closer still, Lord Scar saw that there was a castle carved into the mountain, the work leaving the mound more castle than mountain.. It looked evil, spiked, black, horrible, like it was home to a thousand Blights and home to the perch of some great winged terror beast.. Lord Scar’s mount was headed directly for it.



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