Gastien was meditating in the field before the canyons mouth, feeling the influence of the Blights among him; There were many more than he expected.. He could feel them all now. Knowing the Blights were arrogant, they were also cunning and smart, so it was strange to feel them no longer hiding their presence. This was different. Feeling, he could sense there was not even a lot of them, but so many more than he could of ever imagined.. Their combined presence, felt like a portal to another world.. It felt as if the Blights were eating their way into his world, eating the boundary between the spirit and physical world, melting the two worlds together.. He felt as if his own presence was so inconsequential to the Blights now, that he could waltz into the cave, at the end of the canyon and they would no longer even attack him; Gastien’s spirit stood up from it’s meditation, floating and decided he had nothing to lose now and would.

Walking through the canyon, the mist from before, came into view and as he floated into it, he felt no need to attack; it was strange. He could see the Blight and it was not defensive, not hiding, not any longer. Purposefully, he walked close to the Blight and it paid him no mind, nursing it’s previous burn. Floating out of the fog, the cave was now within sight. Into the cave, he could see hundreds of Blights, their combined influence felt crushing. Green Fire illuminated their presence, as well as a stair case, at the back of the cave, that seemed completely out of place. Approaching the stairs, he now floated up them, feeling the world around him shifting. Coming to the next floor, he saw thousands of Blights now, mining the cavernous room hollow, literally feasting on the boundaries between the two worlds, leaving in the feasts wake, a third world, a conglomeration of the two.. A wound, unable to be healed, their teeth, like daggers against the boundaries skin.. Following his instincts now, he approached the visible boundary and felt his teeth dig into it.


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