Riding, the two came upon the mouth of the canyon, the battlefield; the bodies were all in pieces now, the limbs a scattered mess. “This isn’t the work of the hounds, huntress.” Jud was trembling, Carmen was as well; they both could feel a primal rage within the air, as they stood, looking at the battlefield. Unsettled, the horse’s ears shot towards the canyon.

“This mess, it seems like it was dragged into the canyon,” Carmen noted, dismounting, walking towards the mouth as she looked at Jud, “Stay here.” Looking into the canyon, she could see much of the heap of limbs dragged into it, the ancient rock holding puddles of blood. “Whatever did this, made quick work of these bodies.. The amount of violence here almost seems unnatural,” Carmen yelled back to Jud. Suddenly, a roar ripped from the end of the canyon end, erupting among the midnight air. Carmen’s primal fear kicked in, as she heard.. Felt, steps rumbling from the canyon, closer, running back to the mount, hopping on, whispering to Jud, “Something is coming.. Ride!”

Jud nodded and whipped the mount’s reins and without hesitation, fearful, it obeyed, riding towards Tyric. Stumbling, the mount seemed to be struggling to find it’s footing among the road, Carmen looked down and saw the road, uneven, the new divets in it, deep but seemingly symmetric. Slow, their pace was hindered by the road, as the mount continued to struggle to find it’s footing, the two now beginning to feel the ground tremble. Branches, from the trees along the road beside them, were heard breaking in great numbers behind them.

“Huntress, something large pursues us!, What is it?”

Carmen adjust herself, now riding backwards on the end of the saddle. Struggling to stay on the mounts aggressive ride, she readied her crossbow, then looked down to examine the road and saw a particular shape that the indentations were made with.. “These ruts are tracks!” She announced to Jud.

Trying to hold on, Jud yelled back, listening to the mounts increasingly panicked breaths “Tracks? Of what!?”

Carmen yelled back “I don’t know, but there are many of them and their huge!”

Trembling harder now, the ground became even more difficult for the mount’s hooves to navigate. Carmen began to see the moonlight shine off of a pair of eyes, moving in the distance behind them, inhabiting the shadows. They were several feet in the air and Carmen was in disbelief that they belonged to some hulking mass and that it was fast enough to gain on them, reckoning that the eyes were at least 9 feet in the air. As they gained closer, she saw two more pairs behind the first, on the far sides of the road. “We need to hurry, move faster!” Carmen yelled. She aimed as carefully as she could, which wasn’t that careful in her current situation, but loosed a bolt anyways, hearing a great roar in response.

Picking up speed, the two could hear the mount’s hooves scraping against the road, now trying to buck the two off in its panicked desperation, “Huntress, what are they!?”

The beasts were gaining and the most forward one came into sight among the breaks of the branches of the trees alongside the road, the moonlight allowed to penetrate the thick mass of branches in certain spots. “They look like.. Snappers!, with the long heads and jaws, but they are bipedal and their bodies are massive!.. They must be twelve feet tall!.. I’ve never saw anything like them, before!”

Jud saw the flames of Puzzle-Tyric in the distance, “Tyric, it’s close!” he yelled back to Carmen.

Carmen yelled back “Jud!, it makes no difference, these beasts will not be contained by the walls, we must keep riding!! Lure them away!!”

Jud yelled back in disbelief, letting go of the reins for just a minute, “What?!” He leaned back for a glance, as the mount hit one of the bigger dips in the road. “Huntre…” he cried out, falling off the mount, rolling off the horse, into the ditch beside the road. Carmen saw Jud bounce up and flee into the winds, before she lost sight of him among the trees. Crashing, she heard one of the beasts giving pursuit, the forest behind them erupting into a smacking of twigs and falling trees. Hoping the pursuit was over, she switched her position, moving into the saddle and grabbing the reins, as her and the mount came upon Puzzle-Tyric.

She patted the mount, as it drew breath heavily. Grabbing her mace, she smashed it against the large gate of Puzzle-Tyric, intending to warn the guards of her pursuers.. She did not feel the ground trembling, like she would of if the beasts were still in pursuit and wondered if Jud would escape their snapping, elongated jaws. She knew, the beasts were undoubtedly snappers, their heads revealed so, but she was unaware of their monsterous growth from an asinine aquatic animal into a bipedal killing machine.. Her hairs stood up on end just thinking about it, as she leaned down to examine the multitude of prints the beasts had left behind, all headed in the direction of the Unjaryk.. They had come from the Oasis.

She smashed against the gates again and heard the mount behind her rear up. Glancing back, she watched the horse, scared, flee off into the darkness, towards the Oasis. Once again, the ground, much like her entire body, was trembling once more.


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